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About Us


Welcome to the Benhuri Center for Laser Dentistry, a state-of-the-art dental practice which offers healing for the mind, body and teeth! The Benhuri Center for Laser Dentistry under the direction of Marc N. Benuri, D.M.D, has become New York's most sought after dental facility visited by Celebrities, Corporate CEO's, and Foreign Dignitaries, and Presidents from around the world! Dr.Benhuri's gentle touch, painless procedures and soothing environment creates a truly stress-free experience in the dental chair. Dr.Benhuri is known worldwide for his Esthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction. Dr. Benhuri is one of the original founders and researchers of dental implants. He lectures extensively in the USA and around the world.

Dr. Benhuri believes the mouth is the most important organ of your body, as it enables mastication, digestion, sexuality, speech and of course, those pearly whites to "Smile". The mouth is where it all starts, it is important to your entire body. This is why we are involved with Biological Dentistry!

History Of Our Office

Our office is the oldest quality practice in New York City, it was established in 1842, Dr.Benhuri is the 7th Generation Dentist in this practice, No.2 Established Columbia University Dental School, No.3, established New York Academy of Dental Science, No.4&5 Dentists were Professors at Columbia University, No.6 Dr. Gerard Courtade invented the pins and parapost, Dr. Benhuri involved with Research & Development of Dental Implant.

Your Comfort

We recognize that patients have fears and apprehensions. We make every effort to overcome these issues in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to local anesthetics, we incorporate audio stimulation for further relaxation. Many patients appreciate the availability of several anxiety reducing alternatives such as Hypnosis, Nitrous Oxide, as well as oral and IV sedation. We will be happy to discuss them on an individual basis.

Member of American Dental Association American Academy of Implant Dentistry