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Endodontics involves taking special precautions to preserve your tooth, often by removing damaged pulp through a root canal procedure. With comprehensive training in endodontic care, Marc Benhuri, DMD, of The Benhuri Center for Laser, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry in New York City, can treat your damaged tooth. If you have a tooth that’s causing pain or know that you need a root canal, schedule an evaluation. You can book your visit through the online scheduling feature or by calling the office.

Endodontics Q & A

Why do I need a root canal?

A root canal is the most advanced endodontic treatment for preserving your natural tooth. The procedure involves making a small hole in your affected tooth and removing the inner pulp, which is full of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. You might need a root canal if you:

  • Have an abscess
  • Experienced tooth trauma
  • Have deep decay

Usually, after a root canal is complete, you need a crown to cover the treated tooth. The crown protects your tooth and strengthens your overall tooth structure.

What happens during a root canal?

Before getting started, a local anesthetic injection inserts into your mouth. After Dr. Benhuri drills a small hole in your tooth, he extracts all of the tooth’s pulp. He carefully reshapes the inner chamber of your tooth and sprays the area to remove any remaining pulp.

If you have an abscess or are at risk of infection, he typically disinfects the inner root with an antimicrobial solution. Afterward, Dr. Benhuri fills in space where the pulp was with a rubberlike material.

Once your root canal is complete, he seals off the opening and gathers images or impressions to have your new crown made. In some cases, you might have a temporary crown placed during this time.

Because Dr. Benhuri has a lab right in the office, your permanent crown is made onsite, so you don’t have to wait for it to be shipped to the clinic. When your crown is ready, you can come back for another appointment to have it bonded to your treated tooth.

Is a root canal painful?

For years, endodontic treatments like root canals have been notorious for being excruciatingly painful. But nowadays, with innovative tools, updated procedures, and sedative techniques, a new root canal is no worse than getting a simple filling.

Dr. Benhuri understands that the entire root canal procedure can be overwhelming and a little uncomfortable at times. To help you relax as much as possible, he offers several types of sedation options. You might benefit from nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or intravenous sedation to help you reach a profound state of relaxation.

If you need a root canal, book an evaluation at The Benhuri Center for Laser, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry. Use the online scheduling system or call the clinic to book your visit.